Monday, October 23, 2006

Why use the windows when the door is open?

Today, we formally made our move to Ubuntu Linux for almost a decade of using Windows. I actually have some reservations using Linux because I'm not really a techie. I could not seem to install software and configure hardware using the root terminal. I seem to loose the ability to do so when long time ago I used to work in DOS prompt ten years ago. Windows I guess made us so lazy to do that kind of computer stuff anymore.

The truth is my 14-year old son was actually the one who figured out everything for me. He asked 10 CDs of free Ubuntu Software and it was delivered right in our door by the mailman. The mailman gave us 20 copies of free CDs from Ubuntu. If you want to ask for the free CD you can do it here. So now, we're giving away these extra copies to anyone who is interested.

It was not an easy move. My son worked on it for three weeks in fine tuning it. He worked on installing essential programs which are of course are all free. The toughest part was installing our old pixma ip1000 printer which is not listed in Ubuntu. We could not made it print until last night. Well, patience pay off.

The only reason we will be using windows is when we'll be receiving files that could only be opened by Microsoft Programs. But I think sooner, Linux open community will be able to produce programs that could take care of this. Until then, I guess, I could say, goodbye Windows forever... thanks but no thanks.


Richard said...

I use windows, but have regular use of ubuntu and must admit it has impressed me. The only problem as far as I can see is some compatibility problems with some software. Like you, I am not a techie.

Joey said...


Yes, I guess i really could not leave windows altogether... i could not chat with webcam and voice to my family and friends back home.:( Linux just don't have support for this stuff yet.