Saturday, December 30, 2006

I'm back!

I didn't touch my computer for almost a week. First, I really want to give blogging a break. Second, I got sick (again!). It's the second time within three months that I was down with a nasty virus. My only consolation is that it seems that I'm the only one affected, the rest of the family are fine. It is so cold for us here, for a family like us who spent all our life in a tropical country, we find the extended drop of temperature too much for our body. Our house is not equipped with any heating system, the water is icy cold, so we have to heat the water to bathe. We have to move from places of ministry on a motorcycle and the speeding wind is just too much.

I started losing my voice during the Christmas eve morning worship while leading the worship. In the evening, I lose it altogether. On Christmas day, my family spent the holidays visiting friends while I stayed in bed with a terrible headache and a bad cough. My children teased me because my cough sounds so funny for them. It is almost a week and I haven't totally recovered my voice. But I'm a lot better now and getting ready for Sunday.


One of Freedom said...

Sorry to hear. You'll adjust to the temperature changes in time. The human body is a wonderful and amazing creation. My buddies in Chiang Mai are French Canadians so they probably find it quite warm there all the time. ;-)

Joey said...

Yes, I bet they find it quite warm here. I was surprised myself, I thought Thailand is supposed to be tropical country.

We are a bit colder here than in Chiang Mai. Although it's warm during the day, the temperature suddenly drop in the evenings and the Northern wind blows. I guess it must be snowing in China today.

Hope you feel better yourself.