Thursday, January 25, 2007

Less Postings and the Lament of the Abused Laptop

I apologized to my readers, yes, the two of you, that postings had been scarce here. It doesn’t mean I lost the desire to blog. I have many reasons and but let me state two reasons. First, our internet connection has been very bad and I think it’s not getting any better. I’m not complaining and even if I complain, my provider would just tell me to upgrade to faster and better connection and of course I have to pay more. No way! I’m content and happy that just to receive and send emails and browse the web and read my favorite blogs in a very slow and meditative manner.

Second and perhaps a more convincing reason is that our abused laptop is giving us a hint as if it is saying, “I quit.” You see this wonderful endearing laptop (a Toshiba Satellite A70/A75 series) had been with us for two years. And it never complained. But I guess, it wants us to know that “I had enough.” I can understand it, you see, during our first few months of staying here in the mission field; this laptop is everything for us. It is our link to the outside world and to our love ones back home. It is our sound system, we play music here all day whether it be audio CD, or MP3 or WMA, it never complains. It is also our home theater; we watch movies here, DVD, VCD, etc. I do my sermons here, PowerPoint presentations in seminars and worship services that we have had. I use it for blogging. It is here where we layout and print our newsletters. Here where we do and print the visual aids for Sunday school and evangelistic Bible stories, the English lessons visuals and handouts. In short, as I mentioned above, we do everything with this laptop. Now the DVD/CD-RW drive is totally useless. Furthermore, it shuts down by itself. I try to clean the vents and the cooling fans, but it doesn’t change a thing. It quits every time it feels quitting. Now, I’m not complaining again, I’m just happy that I still can use it.

Perhaps, it explains why posts here are scarce, but perhaps not.


Jim said...

I'm sure there are more than 2 of us!

One of Freedom said...

Those Tosh's are built to last, but sounds like you have found the limits of your machine. Is it expensive to replace machines over there? Just curious. Not that as a missionary you would be swimming in money to replace it anyway.

Joey said...

Hi Dr. Jim,

Thanks for the kind words. I borrowed that expression from Richard G.

Hi Frank,

It is really expensive here, I'm not losing hope though. I know this machine will still work for a long time. The DVD/CD-RW I think is really dead. I was told that I just have to open it and clean the heat sinks. Just can't find the time. Thanks for the visit.

Jayred said...

You know what? I had a Compaq Presario 700 laptop that had given up on me after two and a half years of usage. It would always turn off on its own. During my last Philippine visit, I had it repaired for only PHP2,000 (repair services in Switzerland are very expensive). It turned out there was an overheating problem and the repairman just had to put a special gel on a basic component of the laptop -- sorry, the name escapes me now -- to bring back my laptop back to life. And voila, it now works again.

Maybe you can drop by at Compuserv in Metro Manila if and when you and your family fly back home for a visit. But in the meantime, I think you need to give your laptop a "rest break" every now and then. They say it's not good if the laptop 'overheats.'

Joey said...

Hi Jayred,

Yup! I found later that the problem is overheating. The heat sinks are clogged with lints and dust. My son and I opened it last week. Naglakas loob na kami, following the instructions from a website. Voila! The laptop is still alive.

Thanks for the tips.

Jayred said...

Praise God for that! Galing naman ninyong mag-ama. :-)