Sunday, April 29, 2007

Preparing for Asian Baptist Congress 2007

I'm leaving for 7th Asian Baptist Congress 2007 in few hours. I'm cramming packing my stuff and writing our church bulletin for tomorrow's worship. I will also attend the two-day pre-congress conference, Baptist World Alliance (BWA) Living Water Conference. This is a conference for Baptist leaders and people who are interested becoming more effective leaders. The truth is I don't have any idea what is this pre-congress all about. I'll find out tomorrow.

Somebody paid for my hotel, food and registration in exchange for my services. The offer is too good to be true that I find it impossible to refuse. I just hope I could be useful and be of service. I know that there will be internet connection but I don't know if I have the time to post during the congress.

The pre-congress is on April 29-30 and the Congress proper will be on May 2-6.


Felipe Fanuel said...

Hello Joey,

It's my first time at your blog. I like it.

I'm from Brazil and I'm a Baptist. I wish a good congress for you.

My regards ;)

Joey said...

Hi Felipe,

Thanks for the visit. Hope to see you again here.

God bless!!