Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It’s a happy day… again

Happiness is a good book in the mail. There are plenty of them that arrived last Saturday. This means our happiness is multiplied. I have a lot of readings to do and I love it. My son, Reuven (in the picture) predicted that I can finish all of it in three months. He is too generous in his opinion about how fast I can read. Every one in the family is very happy and thankful about this blessing.


Jayred said...

Wow, tall piles of books! Praise God for this blessing!

Love this picture! Your son looks so scholarly.

I love, love, love reading books. But sometimes, we just don't have enough time to read all the books we like to read.

Three months? Why not? :-)

Joey said...


I haven't noticed how scholarly my son look in this picture. He just put on the glasses and posed for the camera. But he is really an intelligent boy.

Yes, so many books so little time, as they say.

I'm hoping to get a long break and sit down to read and write my paper.

Yes, three months,gives me an idea to set a goal.

Thanks for the visit.

George said...

I am envious.