Monday, October 31, 2011

King Over the Flood

As the children were singing one of their favorite songs, we could not help but remember what is happening to Thailand.

When the oceans rise and thunders roar

I will soar with You above the storm
Father you are King over the flood
I will be still and know You are God

The unusually long and heavy rainy season is taking its toll upon Thailand. So far, 60 out of 77 provinces are being affected and over 300 people have died because of the floodings.  As of now, in spite of occassional rainshowers, Mae Sai has not been affected yet. Please pray for Thailand.

Once again, we want to thank you for your love and untiring prayers. Also for your financial help to God's ministry here in Mae Sai. We are sharing to you our update and prayer concerns. Through you, we are experiencing God's provisions for all our needs.

Children Ministry
When MaEng and Nuch left, we found ourselves doing all the house works, errands and looking after for the children We have to stop doing other things (for the mean time) and focus on the 11 children that God has put under our care. Our own children step on the plate and help with the work. After more than a month, we gradually adjusted to the situation.

Children Singing at the English Camp
The school term is over and several Christian organizations are holding  English camps. Since last year our children are being invited to one or two of these camps. Apparently, their presence helps the teachers to encourage other children to learn speak English.

Children Playing Violin

The children are having music lessons. The older girls are plearning to play the violin and the older boys are learning to play the guitar. Tina is taking piano lessons. They enjoy doing it because they love music.

Moreover, the kids are doing well at the school. One of them was sent to Mae Chan as the school  representative in a competition.  The school is recommending the children to acquire Thai citizenship. Please continue to pray for this concern.

Teaching Ministry
Narlin will resume volunteer teaching at Wat Poweehan Municipal School in November while Joey occasionally is being invited to teach the Bible in seminars and Christian gatherings. 

Wat Poweehan School needs more volunteer English teachers and we are praying that more Christians can come and fill the needs. In relation to this, we are still dreaming of establishing a language learning center that can also be used as theology resource center.  We need your prayer for more resources and people to partner with

Evangelism and Church Involvement
At present, we considered Grace Church to be our home church. We attend worship service there and the children are members of its Sunday school. We are involve in some of its activities. On other Sundays, we are worshipping at the Thai church in our neighborhood. The Thai Pastor gives us opportunity to get involved in its ministry like preaching and teaching the choir.

Furthermore, we started an international worship with other Filipino missionaries. We are holding our worship service once a month. As of this time,  missionaries from other  countries have joined us. We envisioned this fellowship to be a channel of evangelism for those who speak and interested to learn English. Please pray that this fellowship will be used by God to reach out for our target people.

Ministry Vehicle Update
Once again, we thank you for helping us to pray for the ministry vehicle. Narlin is calling  it a miracle truck because we could not have it otherwise. Our sincere gratitude for those who contibrute.  We will install a song taew (canopy with two rows of seat) on its flatbed as soon as we have the opportunity. Please continue to pray for we still need to pay the balance to our loan to Grace Church amounting to 30,000 baht (approx U$ 1,000).

The Truck
More Prayer Requests
Narlin will go home in 15 days to get her mother to stay with us. Her mom wants to spend time with us and her granchildren. Pray for traveling mercy and provisions.

Pray for our own children's education. Home schooling is really difficult and they do struggles.  Pray for inspiration and provisions.

Pray for everybody's health here. The weather is changing from hot to cold season but the rain is still falling. Everybody at times or anotherare having colds and fever. 

Join us in prayer of thanksgiving for people like you whom God uses to provide for His workers and their ministries. Our sincere thanks.