Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hearts full of joy

“This is the time of the year in Mae Sai when you can experience three seasons in a day”, a Thai friend told us. True enough, the remnant of the summer heat, the rainy season is still at its peak and the cold season is slowly seeping in. Seasons change but God remains faithful to his children. Paul explained this truth to the people in Lystra in Acts 4:17:

“He has shown kindness by giving you rain from heaven and crops in their seasons; he provides you with plenty of food and fills your hearts with joy.”Picture of all at Pia's Bday

Indeed, regardless of the situation, we can testify that the God’s faithfulness never fails and he has filled our hearts with joy. Here are the highlights of our recent activities.

 Mother’s Day Celebration

Mother's Day @ Pantamit ChurchThai people celebrate the Mother’s day in honor of the Queen’s birthday on 12 August. We were happy to be part of the celebration both in Pantamit church and in the Rongriyan Tesaban 1 (municipal school). To of our children once again won the prizes in the drawing contest held in the school. The holiday also gave us the opportunity to go for picnic and swimming at our favorite place- Khon Nang Nam Nun Lake. We are grateful to the Lord for the break.

ASEAN English Camp

After being postponed for three weeks, the English camp was eventually held on 31 August. A total of 260 students joined the activities of learning English through songs and games.

Chai read the history and purpose of ASEAN in English and she did very well. Tina on the other hand recited an English poem.

Once again, we thank the Lord for the opportunity to strengthen our relationship with the school.  The occasion made us know the school supervisor more, develop our friendship with the teachers and we become more involved in the life of the students. We thank the Lord for this privilege of being part of the school family.


ASEAN Camp Participants ASEAN English Camp

New House for the Boys

We have been praying for another place for our other ministries like English teaching and discipleship. We also noticed that the children are growing up to become young ladies and gentlemen. Hence,  we need another house for the boys. The Thai government also requires orphanages to have separate buildings for older children.

This week a friend has called us to tell us that they are moving out of their house. The house is relatively cheap and they are leaving to us some of their furniture (bed frames) and stuff (beddings, blankets, pillows, etc.). This is an opportunity we could not let slip away.

However, we need your help in prayer for the support of the monthly rent and utilities. Any amount will be a huge help. We will be moving in the new house this coming Saturday (22 September). If you have any questions regarding this matter, please don’t hesitate to ask.

More Prayer Requests

Please continue to include us in your time of prayer. 

  • We thank the Lord for keeping the children generally healthy despite of viral fly break out in Mae Sai.
  • We thank the Lord for the children’s diligence to study. Their education will be their ticket to a better life here in Thailand.
  • Thank you for praying for Jared and Reuven. Jared is now in his second trimester in college in the Philippines. He is  doing well with his studies. Reuven is holding his own in Thai school. We thank the Lord for his provisions too.
  • We thank the Lord for Narlin’s teaching ministry at Rongriyan Tesaban 1. Our relationship with the school helps us to minister and share the gospel to the teachers and students.
  • Pray for the Tina, Ayung and Mike’s ID. We are hoping that their ID will come out on the 17th of September. Pray for Nuch's ID too. There is a problem with her ID but hopefully with the help of some people it will be resolved soon.
  • Pray also for our plans to go to the Philippines for a week in December. We are invited to share our testimony by Asia Vision Short-term Missions.

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