Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Skipping Songkran

We skipped playing Songkran this year. The festival is one of the most celebrated and longest holidays in Thailand. Skipping it is like skipping Christmas. We did not mind missing it though. Regardless, we had planned several activities for the kids during the holidays like holding mini English camp and playing water with the people in the community.  But God had better work for us, days before the Songkran,  Angela requested us to hold and lead a Summer English Camp (DVBS) at her place of ministry in Tachilek, Burma.  And it easily became the highlight of our activities this month. We will share more about this here. Songkran2013 copy   We thank you once again for your love and prayers. Your financial support is sincerely appreciated for without it, we know that we could not stay a day longer here in Thailand.

Summer English Camp (DVBS)

We held the Summer English Camp (DVBS) in Tachilek, Burma from 13th to 19th of April. It was a last minute request so we had to prepare all the lessons and materials in few days.  The initial plan was Narlin would go to lead the camp alone but we thought it would be better if all the children will go with her and joined the camp. Joey and Reuven stayed in Mae Sai and bought all the necessary supplies needed and brought it to the other side of the border.   About 140 children and young people attended the camp from different villages in Tachilek. We thought it would also be good if our children would join the activity. It was a great opportunity to share the love of God and at the same time disciple to children to grow in their knowledge and faith in Christ. We are thankful for Angela’s staff and Filipino co-workers who labored together to make the event successful and glorifying to God. Please pray for the children who have heard the good news that they will grow in their faith and knowledge of our Lord Jesus. Young People VBS Class Children praying Narlin Leading

Visa...again (sigh)

Just barely two months has past when our visa travails for the year has ended that received a noticed from Rainbow Foundation that we will be renewing our visa this July and we need to start submitting the required documents.  Besides the requirements, we also need to give our yearly donation of 17,000 THB. Part of the donation will cover the salaries of the staff and other operational expenses. Although this is a big amount, we are happy to give because we do appreciate the work that the staff is doing in our behalf preparing all the necessary documents and dealing with the Thai labor and immigration officers.  Please pray that this year’s visa process will not be as complicated like the last time. Pray also for God’s provision.

Teaching Opportunity

We are privileged to partner with friend and fellow kingdom worker who have the same ministry vision. Having said that, we are also grateful that we are also no longer working with people who have different kingdom agenda. The Lord indeed guides his servants who wanted to follow his will.   Last week, we had the opportunity to train leaders among Lahu people from Laos and nearby towns in North Thailand. We taught evangelism and discipleship using Chronological Bible Storying. Please pray that this ministry will continue and that God will provide for discipleship and leadership training for these people. Nam Tok Village

Family Visit

We are happy to be visited by family again this month. Nori visited us last month and this time, Dadai, who is leading mission teams in Thailand and Cambodia took time out  to spend time with us. Although it was a very short visit, it was a big encouragement for us especially these days when we could not find the time and we do not have the resources to go home. Thank you Dadai. Dadai visit We are thankful to God for your partnership. We want you to know that we sincerely appreciate the time you are spend praying for us and the sacrifices you make to support the children and our ministries. May God bless you always.  

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