Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Missionary Church

Here is a modern theologian concept of a missionary church. His idea about church and missions is far more broad than many missiologists I had read so far. I anticipate that further reading of his books will give me more concepts about church and missions. I will share more ideas in this blog.
Today one of the strongest impulses towards the renewal of the theological concept of the church comes from theology of mission.

To grasp the missionary church theologically in a world-wide context means understanding it in the context of the missio dei. Mission comprehends the whole of the church, not only parts of it, let alone the members it has sent out. To proclaim the gospel of the dawning kingdom is the first and most important element in the mission of Jesus, the mission of the Spirit, and the mission of the church; but it is not only one.

Mission embraces all activities that serve to liberate man from his slavery in the presence of the coming God, slavery which extends from economic necessity to God forsakenness. Evangelization is mission, but mission is not mere evangelization. In the missionary church the widow who does charitable works belongs to the same mission as the bishop who leads the church or the preacher of the gospel.

The real point is not to spread the church but to spread the kingdom. The goal is not the glorification of the church but the glorification of the Father through the Son in the Holy Spirit.
Jurgen Moltmann, The Church in the Power of the Spirit (Harper & Row, Publishers, 1975), 10

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Anonymous said...

Thank you joey and Bro. B.
I am embarking in a "gospel to the poor" and am looking for both the theology and the practical outcome to minister to their needs.

These are the involvements.
1. About 8 christian groups are supporting a soup kitchen ministry every week. 200 visitors from the street come for food and fellowship.
2.Good news is being preached to the crowd and also one-to-one basis.
3. For those who have recieved our Saviour, follow up work is being planned, in processs, to make them disciples who will be able to help their people also.We have opened a drop-in centre nearby, which can be used for this purpose as well as other ministries.
4. At every stage, these are multi-church involvements.
5. First focus on developing a successful model at one project.
6. Next, duplicate this with other soup kitchens. There are many in the city.
7. Invite other church groups, including the middle class or rich churches to be partners and stakeholders in this ministry.
8. With adequate financial support, we shall start some suitable income generating industry to help the poor become self sufficient.

I am looking to put together a suitable "follow up programme" that is both relevant and meaningful for these poor people. Can you help?

Gospel to the Poor Ministries