Tuesday, July 18, 2006

On The Road Again

I'm on the road again. I'm here in the internet cafe beside the Victory Monument in Bangkok. This is our second trip here within a month. We'll try to get our non-immigrant visa and working permit so that we can do more for God's glory in Mae Sai. Our attempts to get visa before had been turned down... I really don't know why. I think we were "victims" of random decisions by the Thai immigration officers. I hope it will not happen again this time.

I bought a one-day pass for Bangkok Train Station or BTS (I think it's not station but I can't think of anything at the moment that starts with letter S) so that I can go around Bangkok and get lost without spending too much money. I can ride and ride and enjoy the city from inside the train. I can drop by every station and enojy "people-watching" and read books on sale.

I brought John Macquarries' Principles of Christian Theology because it's the only theological book I have with me here in Thailand. My Burmese Pastor friend lend it to me. I will read the night away at Bangkok Bus Terminal (Mor Chit) and hopefully get some sleep sitting up straight while waiting for my family. They left for Mae Sai at this hour and will travel to Bangkok for 13 hours. I will see them in the morning to "appear" in the immigration office.

Anyway, blogging and reading others' blogs have made me think a lot lately... theological reflections, life after death, how to pick religious books, choosing between wearing brief or boxers, what movie to see, how to make money, how thinking a lot make your body dead tired, gardening and many many more... our blogging theologian friends have a lot of ideas and I'm learning from them. This is the blessing of being part of community and I guess this is what orthopraxis really means.

Please pray for us.

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