Thursday, August 03, 2006

Home Again With Hands Full

After one week on the road and being away from my computer, we’re back and enjoying the comfort and coziness of the place we called home. God provides us home in a strange land. It has been raining here in Mae Sai since we arrived, but we were not complaining in stead we found it to be liberation for a week of staying in a sweltering high temperature of Bangkok.

I haven’t been posting my theological reflections but I could not stop thinking about God and His goodness. I couldn’t stop thinking about Him and the complexity of knowing Him. Reading the works of theologians in Theology Blogs made me realized that my understanding and knowledge of theology is so limited.

God has been doing great things in our lives. Although sometimes I have this funny feeling that I can do things without God’s help but deep inside I know I just couldn’t. I have this growing perception that ultimately He is on top of things. Perhaps it is true that we can accomplish few things without Him, but in the end we realized that if God will not do his part on his end of the rope, what we accomplished on our end is actually good for nothing.

As a family in the mission field, we understand how awesome God is and how mightily He can do things for us. Firstly, we now have our non-immigrant visa and after three months this will be extended to one-year with working permit. Of course, this process takes a lot of money. God has provided people—family and friends who helped us and continue helping us.

Secondly, my children’s home schooling has finally being taken care of by the right people. The institution we tapped before for home schooling did it haphazardly and it didn’t work out as we expected. Parents’ biggest angst is their inability to provide good and decent education for our children. I know of a family who opted not to go to missions because of their children’s schooling and I think they made the right decision. We are thankful to God for friends and families who are not only praying but also coordinating and raising substantial amount to see that our children are given the best education. The home schooling will be administered by the School of Tomorrow—Philippines.

Thirdly, the project proposal I have written entitled “Community Health Program for Burmese Migrant Workers in Mae Sai, Thailand” for International Rescue Commission (IRC) have been initially approved. The project will be implemented by my church Grace International Church of Mae Sai. IRC will grant us funds in US dollars. The church will use the fund to minister to the displaced and oppressed people from Myanmar of different ethnic tribes. This is indeed a strategic way to share the God’s love to the people.

God is great indeed!

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