Friday, August 18, 2006

Homeschooling Blues

Don't believe somebody who tells you that homeschooling is easy and will not take much of your time. My wife and I started homeschooling our children this week, and I tell you, teaching your own children will certainly used up all the patient you have been saving all your life. I even threaten to "kill" my son to get him going... but of course I was joking.

We came here in the mission field last January. My wife and I had a fairy tale fantasy of how good it is to homeschool our children. You see, before we came here, our children's experience of education waswith the government school. Unfortunately, my children had been taught by very old retirable teachers. This was the worst nightmare for parents who want to give their children the best education.

The thing is we really could not afford to send our children to International School here although most of them are Christian School because the cost is just too high. This the same with homeschooling. However, by God's grace, my sister and some good friends raised the fund for my kids' homeschooling. At this point, about 70% of the fund is raised and that would take care of the initial expenses and the first batch of the materials my children need.

We have three kids and the money we need for their homeschooling is "huge." I almost gave up that maybe they will not get their educaton here. However, God proves himself to us that he is there to provide. He is there to see us through each step of the way. Some people doubt the existence of God because they want him to fit in to their concept of what a "God" should be. If God does not act according to their expectations they question his existence or at least they stop believing that he is a God who cares. We have been serving the Lord most of our lives, and though there are times that it seems he doesn't care... almost always he proves that he never stops doing so, not so according to our expectations but according to his own way.

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