Thursday, August 31, 2006

Systematic Theology Blogs

I discovered theology blogs unintentionally while browsing the discussion group on Jurgen Moltmann. Blogging itself is a new idea for me and it is still. After reading some good theology blogs and the discussions that ensue after hot and fresh theological ideas had been posted, I reckon that I am learning a lot, sometimes more than I could chew.

Coming from Asia whose exposure to American and European Theologians is very limited. I really appreciate the deep insights coming from different perspectives of some of the theologian bloggers. It is a learning experience for me. Here are the links for the blogs that do systematic theology. First is Patrik’s God in Shrinking Universe with his Systematic Theology of Decline and also Ben Myers’ Faith and Theology with his Theology for Beginners, this one is still going on.

Another blog that I consider to be presented as systematic theology from universalist perspective is D.W. Congdon's Fire and Rose entitled Why I am a Universalist: A Dogmatic Sketch. This one is also still going on.

I know my friends who read my blog in the Philippines will appreciate these blogs.

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