Friday, September 15, 2006

Dr. Melba Maggay's Blogspot

A while ago, I stumbled over Dr. Melba Maggay's blogspot. Dr. Maggay is considered to be one of the best theologians in the Philippines today. She is a writer and a social anthropologists. She had written numerous books that deals with theology and Asian cultures. She holds a doctorate in Philippine studies, a masteral degree in English literature, and a first degree in Mass Communication. She did research at Tyndale HOuse, Cambridge University, England with special application on theological formulation and biblical studies. She is the founder and director of ISACC (Institute for Studies in Asian Church and Culture). Reading her post is indeed a learning experience for me. However, I notice that the blog has not been updated for a year. I hope Dr. Maggay would resume her blogging activity.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you "happened" to see Melba's blog in cyberspace. Yes, she is one of the Philippines foremost theologian. She came to stay with us when she visited in the US last September to speak at Wheaton College's Ivan Fah's symposium. It was a blessing to hear her new insights about what God is doing in the world today.
I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep on blogging!
Lina Padilla