Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Moltmann on theology of freedom

Theology in modern times will necessarily be a theology of freedom. The modern world came into being as a results of freedom movements and is further caught up in such movements. Because church and theology clung too long to the traditional 'authoritarian principle', many freedom movements sided with atheism. If Christianity wants to get the better of modern atheism, it must first overcome the impact of atheism and show that the biblical God of the exodus of the people and the resurrection of Christ does not get in the way of human freedom, but is rather the basis for it, preserves and defends it.
Jurgen Moltmann. Theology Today. SCM Press LTD, 1988.


George said...

Wonderful! I'd like to have a fewe books by him But....

joey said...

Yes, I know how expensive his books are. When I was at the seminary they asked to tell them what Moltmann's books I need and they will buy them for me. I had three, i thought the books were mine but they took them back. Besides you can't find his books in the Philippines.

All I have are illegal copies :-) I really think his books are great.

One of Freedom said...

You really find them that expensive? I have four, three I bought from Amazon and they were not that expensive considering what I've paid for some of my textbooks so far at Seminary. That plus Moltmann is someone you come back to again and again.

joey said...

Hi Frank,

I agree that the value of his books are worth the money. But we are living in the Third World $ is x50+ we don't have credit cards and we can't buy from the amazon. This is the dire situation of most of the ministers/theologians here in the Philippines. Of course there are well off ministers in mega churches in Manila but i don't think they read MOltmann. :-)

Clarification, when i say "illegal" it means, we photocopy portions of the books that we really like.