Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why I Like Moltmann?

This post is actually a comment I made about Ben Myers' wonderings, he finds it incomprehensible that far more is written about Moltmann than Pannenberg. Although I wholly agree with him that Pannenberg is a "better" theologian and his theology perhaps is more sophisticated. However, more than a good theologian there are reasons that I believe scholars and theologians find Moltmann theology worth engaging for.

Moltmann's theology has the “ability” to dialogue with other theologies than any other contemporary theologians (as far as I am is concerned and I maybe wrong). Some scholars would claim that his Theology of Hope is the forerunner of theologies of liberations. And I agree that after 40 years of publication the book is still relevant in our context. He is able to dialogue with third world theolgy with TH and Crucified God. In fact, the theology of struggle that is developing here have taken a lot from Moltmann's works. His pneumatology is able to dialogue with Pentecostal/Charismatic issues worldwide. Although, it does not resolve the problem, he paved the way for a theological discussions regarding healings, speaking in tounges and other Pentecostal issues that were making a problem in many denominations. Also, his theology is able to dialogue with many issues in practical theology.

His relational trinity in TTKG makes sense to us than any other books because of our cultural values with regards to relationship. This work is something we can understand. His panentheism i believe speaks volume to people with animistic culture. And many more... I guess

As Christians in Asia and the third world continue to outnumber Christians in North America and Europe... I guess Moltmann's theology will become more and more relevant.


One of Freedom said...

my original comment was eaten. :-(

Motmann is a poet as well as a theologian. Also his reason for doing theology, disturbed by the lack of Christian response to Hitler, is one that resonates with so many who recognize the backruptcy of world systems. This is what makes his theology worth engaging.

Ben Myers said...

Excellent post, Joey.

joey said...

Thanks Frank, I would love to read your original comment. :-) Thanks also for the link. Appreciate it.

Thanks Ben, I have been very much encourage by you guys.

Joey said...

Hi Ben,

I didn't see it it at first, but thank you very much for the link also from your blog. I appreciate it very much.