Monday, December 11, 2006

Christianity without Christ

I agree with Dr. Jim's posts about De-Christianization of Christianity. He mentions some of the obvious signs that Christ has been removed from Christianity. This is true not only in the context of the 21st century America, this is also true to the mega churches in Manila. Christians worship in theaters, malls in fact some mall owners try to stopped some churches to hold their services at the malls. I guess it is because there are too just too many of them there and they have to stopped the trend. As a consequence, the mall-going Christians end up to have the same moral and ethical standards as the non-believers mall-goers.

Indeed, when social actions are used to win people to the church, you can't expect people to have authentic faith. Social actions are not bad in themselves. But when churches do social actions to promote itself and exalt their charismatic leaders, it makes you wonder about their sincerity. When churches becoming more and more like big companies located in commercial area and their leaders are identified as successful corporate leaders, one can't help but think, is this the kind of Church that our Lord Jesus Christ envisioned it to be? (It breaks my heart to see the material excesses of the megachurches while thousand of churches in the provinces are literally living in poverty.)

I'm currently reading Moltmann's Experiences in Theology right now and just read this appropriate quote:

But then true Christianity, which calls the world what it is in the light of the crucified Jesus, will become a resistance movement and will not, at least outwardly, fall into line and will inwardly remain independent. A Christianity which is completely 'in line' with the state of world and the rule of the 'other lords' is a Christianity without remembrance of 'Christ crucified', and is therefore a Christianity without Christ.


Steve Hayes said...

Some years ago I visited one of the hypermarket churches in South Africa. It was called Christian City, and looked just like Furniture City and other such places.

I didn't expect them to take a collection, but rather to encourage you to swipe your credit card at the door.

Joey said...
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Joey said...

Hahaha! Churches today... they're so flexible.