Friday, December 01, 2006

Durian: the super typhoon

Philippines was visited by two super typhoons within two months and Durian is fourth within three months. This time, the death toll so far is 146 people. The country experiences, more or less 20 typhoons each year. Basing on the number of typhoons the country experienced each year, you would guess that the country is well- prepared to keep its people safe through the predictable ravage of super typhoons. Unfortunately, the government and the people themselves seem to never learn their lessons. The poor people living besides the mountain, river, and mining in their shanties are almost always the casualties. Usually they would be buried over by mudslide or swift by flash floods caused by illegal logging and mining. Since yesterday we had been praying that their lives would be spare this time.

Images are from Reuter's Alertnet


Joey said...

Update: The death toll is now more than 1000. Please pray for the bereaved families who have lost their loved ones.

T E Pau said...

yes, some of my filipino friends went there for relief programme ..and some of them will be gethered to pray..tonight .

Joey said...

Good to hear that Te Pau. I'm also aware that our convention have been mobilizing churches in Metro Manila to help financially and in kinds. Thanks for the prayers. I just watch the news from here in language I couldn't understand very well, but it certainly look bad.