Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blog note

After our observance of Lord Supper last Sunday, we sang the traditional hymn for the occasion. I would like to quote the verses:
Bless be the tie that binds; Our hearts in Christian love;
The fellowship of kindred minds; Is like to that above.

Before our Father's throne; We pour our ardent prayers;
Our fears, our hopes, our aims are one; Our comforts and our cares.

We share each other's woes; our mutual burden bear;
And often for each other flows the sympathizing fear.
The words ring true for me. Working here in a foreign land assured me once again that those who put their faith in God would always find a community that they can belong. Our congregation is composed of people from different nations, tribes and tongues. Neither language nor nationality can become barriers to a joyful fellowship.

I feel the same here with the community of theology bloggers. I am aware that my theological knowledge is wanting and I always mention this here that I do learn a lot from other theology bloggers and I feel close kinship with some of them.

When I learned at his blog that Byron is sick and has been going through hard times, I prayed for him and I will continue on praying. Theology bloggers are indeed yet unmet friends and perhaps will remain so... but it will never hinder us to be a blessing and encouragement to others.

Byron's faith and positive outlook about all that is going through is indeed a blessing. This is what he said:
There is shock at the ugly presence of sickness and wrong in God's good world. There is sadness at lost or delayed plans. There are bouts of some anxiety and uncertainty, mixed with pragmatic necessities and reflective moments of insight and new perspectives. There is joy in the love of friends and family and the daily gifts God gives. There is a yearning for Christ to return and bring healing to his entire groaning world. Overall, we are feeling well in spirit, trusting the God who calls into existence the things that are not and raises the dead. There is no reason to fear, because the light has dawned on all of us who sit in darkness, in the shadow of death.


Jayred said...

May God continue to use you mightily as a theology blogger and a frontier missionary, Joey.

By the way, just in case you're interested, may we invite you to join the online Christian blog community Oikos Online (http://oikosonline.blogspot.com)? You may repost your blog entries here over there. If interested, please do e-mail me at jayred7 AT gmail DOT com. Thanks and God bless!

Joey said...

Hi Jayred,

Yes, I would like to join Oikos Online and perhaps, I will cross post some of my old posts here.


Jayred said...

Yes, please do. I'll send the invite by e-mail then. :-)