Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Things to look for about world mission

I was playing with my very old version of Quickverse and tried to look for an article about world mission. I found some very interesting facts.
Recent trends in the church and its missions alert Christians to possible future developments.

First, the growth of Third World churches and their missions will make it incumbent upon Western leaders to give greater consideration to a true partnership in church and mission endeavors.

Second, changes in all branches of Christendom will increasingly require that all Christians who would be faithful to Scripture and the historic creeds of the church rethink the basis of true faith, of interchurch and intermission cooperation, and of world mission.

Third, the expanding penetration of non-Christian religions and ideas into the Western world will force true Christians to reaffirm the implications of the uniqueness of Christ and the Christian faith in the face of religious relativism and inclusivism.

Fourth, a justifiable and growing concern for the alleviation of injustice, poverty, and suffering make it more difficult for Christians who take the Great Commission seriously to sustain a priority for the preaching of the gospel and the development of New Testament churches worldwide.

Fifth, antagonism on the part of foreign governments toward missionary endeavors that aim at the conversion of non-Christians to Christ will mean that Christians will have to think of alternative ways in which to reach a needy world for Christ.

When looking ahead, Christians are exhorted to be alert and ready for Christ’s second coming (Matt 24:42). In His Olivet Discourse (Matt 24-25; Luke 21), Christ prophesied of dire events both in the church and in the world. But none of those events will prevent either world evangelization or His glorious return (Matt 24:14,30).

Source: Quickverse on Holman Bible Handbook

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