Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The newest member of the family... Timi!

We were sad when our pet dog Sam was killed in an accident. He was the object of affection for my children for several months and we still feel sad every time we remember him. Yesterday, somebody gave us another dog and we are very happy to have her. We named her Timi (from itim which is the tagalog word for "black." She is a cross bred of a Black Labrador (mother) and perhaps a beagle (father).


Jayred said...

What a cute dog! My former pet dog Chacha was also black.

I'd like to have a new pet dog, but it's not allowed in our Swiss apartment block. Sayang kasi madaming 'orphaned' animals sa animal shelter dito. :-(

I'm happy for the arrival of Timi in your household.

Joey said...

Hi Jayred,

Thanks. Timi is really a joy! We are not letting him to wander far to the street. We learned our lesson. Pati mga kapitbahay namin, pinaalalahanan kami. :-)