Monday, March 26, 2007

Email from blog reader

Lately, I have been receiving emails from people who read my blog and most of them found this blog through Google referral. It is really a delight to hear from people who are total strangers but willing to become virtual friends. One email is from the webmaster of SiamPinoy.Com who have been living in the kingdom for ten years. As Filipino living in Thailand, I it is essential that I should connect with my countrymen here in the "land of the smile". Here is an excerpt from the email:

I saw your blog while searching for Filipinos in Thailand. We are building an online directory of Kababayans all over Thailand and I thought you might be interested to visit and connect to our site.

We are also building our list of Filipino profiles. One of our goals is to give our visitors ideas of what is going on with Filipinos all over Thailand. So if you are interested please let me know so I can send appropriate questions for the feature. This will be a good avenue also to promote your missions and to connect with other Filipinos in Thailand.
If you are a Filipino expat living in Thailand please visit the site, register and let us connect.

3 comments: - The Filipino Expats in Thailand said...


Thank you so much! May your kindness reach many kababayans here in Thailand and abroad.


Jayred said...

Nice to belong to an online community like that.

Joey said...

Hi Jose,

It's the least I can do. I really like the ideas of meeting more of our kababayans here. If not in person, why not in the web. The pleasure's mine.

Hi Jayred,

You're absolutely right. I'm delighted to see you here again.

Blessings to you and your husband.