Sunday, April 15, 2007

Praise the Lord for the motorcycle!

We have been poor and although we still are poor, we are blessed to become God's servant. As I look back at our life I considered it a miracle that most of my siblings five of us were able to finish college and most of us have post graduate degrees.

It is only through God's grace that we are now in the mission field considering the expenses of coming here. And it is through God's provision that we are surviving here as we are not earning any income at all. God continues to touch people's heart in answer to our prayers. He uses people to provide for our motorcycle, people we don't know personally. The motorcycle is the only vehicle we have and there are five of us in the family. I believe that this is all we need to go around places to teach and share about God's saving grace through his son Jesus Christ.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Such a blessing! PTL for this motorcycle! It looks nice.

May God continue to provide for your needs. (BTW, doesn't your sending church in RP support you and your family financially?)

P.S. Ang galing naman ninyo magkakapatid. Good is so gracious.

Joey said...

Yes, our home church, family and friends are supporting us. The support though is not consistent (in amount). When I say we are not earning an income here, it means we opt not to teach English in public or private schools as most Filipino missionaries are doing here. Teaching work requires too much time, time that should be spent ministering to people and children.

Yes, indeed God is so gracious. Thanks!