Thursday, May 17, 2007

Blog backlog

It’s been a while since I last posted here. I even had to catch up in responding to my emails. Busyness should not be an excuse for not blogging, it is a lame excuse anyway. I know of some people who are busier than me and yet never missed a bit in updating their blogs. I guess their advantage is that even though they are busy they can work with a computer within their reach. I never have that luxury; our work sometimes put us in a situation when a computer is not available much more internet access.

Nonetheless, here are my lame excuses for not blogging in a while.

First, I did a voluntary work for the last Asian Baptist Congress. I was part of the communication team. Our job was to produce a newsletter every morning and report what had been happening within the congress. The newsletter also includes special features about the workshop and plenary speakers. For this, we have to stay awake the whole night. I never thought that writing a 200-word newsbeat takes 3 hours and another 3 hours to edit. Plus we had to do the layout and sent the PDF files to the publisher who had just a few hours to publish it in the morning before the day’s activities start. Wifi connection was available I just don’t have the time and energy to blog.

Second, right after the congress we had an English camp. It was actually an evangelism and discipleship camp for the children and young people here in Mae Sai, Thailand and Tachilek, Myanmar. The only reason it was called an English camp was because all the speakers are mission workers who were English-speaker. It was a successful camp. Workers came literally from different parts of the world. Three American couples, one Singaporean family and four Filipinos. The children enjoyed the camp and many tears were shed when parting time came. The children were blessed and we are praying that they felt love and cared for the whole week and hope that these experiences would change their lives forever.

Third, stream of Filipino short term missionaries are visiting us for the last weeks and we are looking forward for more next week. More than 20 people visited us this year. They have a glimpse of the ministry that we are doing here. Needless to say, we are thankful to the Lord that most of them go home challenged to do cross-cultural ministry.

Now, I have to catch up reading my favorite blogs and see what’s happening in the blogosphere.

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