Monday, May 21, 2007

Quotes on the Holy Spirit

After three weeks of not having read any book I could not think of something to blog about. I'm still surprise that our place have become the place of choice among the short term missionaries from the Philippines. We like it though. Our family friend back home will visit us this week, a family of six. Nonetheless, I will try to post (may it be quotes or something else) here to give my readers a hint that I'm still around and eager to blog.
My own complaint against most writers on the Holy Spirit is that they know too much
Quoted by Ramm, The Witness of the Spirit

The Holy Spirit in the New Testament sense is the presence of God which bears witness to, and makes effectual, the historical Christ as a living personal presence. The operation of the Holy Spirit is necessary for the Word about Christ to become the Word of Christ for us, and for the Word of Christ to become the Word of God.

Brunner, The Christian Doctrine of the Church, Faith and the Consummation

Only if they were not God could a definition be given at this point, such a definition as would be more than a description of the fact that God himself is to the fore of His revelation. But what is the fore in God's revelation is the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. A first-class definition of these three could thus only be given if the Father, the Son and the Spirit are not God.

Barth, Church Dogmatics

Copied from D.M. Roark, The Christian Faith

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