Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Having friends from the other side of the globe is one of the many blessings of blogging. I feel honored and at the same time humbled by a friend’s appeal in my behalf. Thank you Ben!

Update: Ben's friendly appeal in my behalf gets kind response from major publishers. He says:
I’m delighted to say that some leading theology publishers – T&T Clark, Cascade Books, and Baker Academic – have also offered to support this appeal by donating books to Joey.
Thanks guys!


Richard said...

I am really chuffed for you on this

God bless and most important of all remember to post some thoughts on what you receive!

Joey said...

Thanks Richard, I would surely like to post the thoughts...


Richard said...

I see you will be getting the 7 volume Bloesch "christian foundations". You will I think enjoy these and they will be a great resource. Bloesch is a very interesting evangelical theologian.

Joey said...

yes, it is wonderful indeed. Thanks for the encouragement. My hands will be full... I have a lot to read in a while. Thanks for "chuffing" with me, whatever that means.