Friday, July 13, 2007

We've been away and a van

Jared, Reuven and the van

My children don't want to go to Chiang Mai. They hate to stay in a city. But we had to because we need to extend our visa for another year. I can identify with what they were feeling. We endured a couple of days in Chiang Mai with its humidity and pollution. Mae Sai is clean and relatively cool.

However, God has a surprise gift for us. Somebody gave us a van and I drove it back home to Mae Sai from Chiang Mai, a five hour relaxing drive that we all enjoyed. We never thought that we will own a vehicle here. And we actually never thought we need it. But God knows better, with our growing ministries with children like the primary school, day care and hostel ministry, I believe God may be saying, "it's about time you have one." The van is old but the engine is good and reliable. We are praying that God would sustain it and make it useful for longer time.

And since we've been away, I don't have time to response to the emails (in case some of you are wondering why). I'll do it tomorrow.


Ben Myers said...

That's wonderful news, Joey!

Steve Hayes said...

Five hours! I didn't know Thailand was THAT big!

Anonymous said...

Joey. That's great news. I love reading your blog. It reminds me of the time I spent near Mae Sariang.

Joey said...

Hi Ben,

Thanks, it has been a delight for you to drop by here and read my blog. Yes, indeed it's wonderful.

Hi Steve,

Yes, THailand is that big. We couldn't afford the airfare to Bangkok and it usually takes us 13 hours non-stop bus travel from Bangkok to Mae Sai.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the visit. It amazes me to know that there are many bloggers out there had been ministering in Thailand one time or another. Glad you are enjoying the blog.