Thursday, July 05, 2007

What! This blog is rated R

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I was hoping to get a G but I got R instead and this is because it found the word "missionary" 13x and "hurt" once. If somebody knows the reason behind this, please let me know. :-)


Paul Vernon said...
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Paul Vernon said...

If the terms were "missions", "mission work", "mission worker", or even "missionaries" it would not have flagged the "adult language" button. Unfortunately, "missionary" is often an "adult context" word.

I'm being intentionally vague, but hopefully you get the point.

George said...

My blog got a "G". Somethings wrong...

Joey said...

Hi Paul,

I guess I get what you mean although you are being intentionally vague.

Thanks for the visit.

Hi George,

Yes, you're right... there's something awfully wrong.

Jonathan said...

It's been unable to fetch my URI, so I guess my site is either NC17, or X. ;o)