Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blog getaway

Teaching takes a lot of my time and almost always blogging here is always the one to give way. Under normal circumstances, I should have enough time to do things while teaching. But my situation is far from normal so to speak. I am the school bus driver, a janitor in my own house, a computer technician, a father of three and sometimes I am the one who is doing the laundry among others. At this point, I’m just one lesson ahead from my students and this is not good. What makes lesson preparation so time consuming is that I have to read the textbook, write my lessons and carefully choose words which are translatable to Burmese language. I have a good interpreter and it is a blessing, but in any case, I have to do my best to make my lesson understandable in the local language. Meanings can be lost in translation.

We are also preparing to leave for CHN Phuket GetAway 2007. After almost two years, in the field we are finally having a break. This would be a new experience for us as a family. This is the first time that my children will experience staying in a five star hotel. They are looking forward to very exciting times at Phuket's beautiful beaches. And because we could not afford the airfare, we have to leave two days earlier for the actual schedule. We will take the cheapest bus from Mae Sai to Bangkok and Bangkok to Phuket. Almost 24 hours bus travel. We are not complaining and besides we are used to it. This will be a great experience for us especially for my children. Please pray for our safe travel.

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