Friday, October 05, 2007

What's going on?

We live just outside the Myanmar border but just like the rest of the world, news from inside Myanmar are getting lesser and lesser each passing day. Not only that the news also become vague and foggy. Rumors have been that the government has suspended all the sources of news and information in Myanmar this includes the internet. The news that government has been murdering a lot people seems plausible. Here is some information coming from the inside of one of its cities.

This city is under a curfew. Residents can only go out of their homes from six in until nine in the morning. Yes, that is right they are allowed to see the world three hours each day.

There is no internet. People are lining up and waiting for hours in internet cafes to send emails but no one is able to send or receive emails.

People are not allowed to group together in fours or fives. Order is out to shoot at people who are out in the streets in group.

Earlier this week, the city held a demonstration simultaneous with the demonstration in Yangon and now nobody can tell for sure how many people have died in the city as a result of crackdown on protesters because of the three hours limit given to the civilians. Anyone who ventures out on the street would be risking death.

Gunshots and explosions can be heard everywhere. These can be heard from nearby and from distant places.

Churches are not allowed to hold worship services. It is too dangerous to gather in one place.


Jayred said...

It's a mystyery ano? I first heard of the news when I was on holiday (BBC News). My husband and I asked the same question, "What's going on?"

Joey said...

It's very frustrating because we live just a few kilometers from the border yet we are not hearing any news. However, rumors abound. As the days pass by, the people are getting used to and the protests loose its impact.

Jonathan said...

A lot of people ask me about this because they know how close I will be to the border when I return to Thailand in January.

To be honest, the way forward seems almost as foggy as the news we hear coming out of Myanmar. I know I'm supposed to go, but I realise I'm walking on egg shells.