Sunday, January 13, 2008

The mountain named "dissertation"

I am supposed to be writing my paper on full-time basis. But I guess writing while doing cross-cultural mission is next to impossible. I know this is just a lame excuse. A friend advised me that if I could find time to write at least a few sentences a day, I might be able to accomplish something. It is a good advice and I actually started doing it just before Christmas. But then Christmas activities and New Year break caught up with me and I was not able to write again since. We had been on the road and on the mountains away from home for over a week. Tomorrow is Monday. I am determined to start writing again. I might post about the topic of my dissertation here in the future. Just could not find the interest to do so. I know, I am a climbing a high mountain here. Nonetheless, the best way to reach the peak is to climb very slowly.


Ben Myers said...

Yeah, Joey, I know you can do it!

Joey said...

Thanks Ben for the encouragement. I really appreciate it. A few sentences a day will surely get me there someday. :)