Monday, February 18, 2008

A bad week

I had a terrible week. I was so frustrated that I almost cry. If my kids were not with me and didn’t make fun of the situation I might have done so.

First, Narlin and I planned to go to Mae Sot with our friend in her car. We arranged to meet her in Chiang Mai but we didn’t have enough money. So Narlin went alone. She is visiting a friend who is running a Burmese school and we want to know how it is being done. We are planning to run the same kind of school here. So I was left in the house with the children.

Second, the LCD of my laptop broke when my daughter hit it with a wristwatch. She got mad with his brother’s teasing that she threw the thing toward him but I guessed he was able to duck from it that it hit the LCD. Now the LCD has cracks, it looks similar to a car’s cracked windshield, only in laptop the liquid leaks and those like blots of blank ink in the white background screen. If that won’t make you cry, this one will do. The hard disk in the same laptop crashed after a week! This is horrible. My heart stops beating for a while. All the data and pictures (family and ministry) we have been saving in that laptop in the last two years flashed before my eyes. My dissertation and research notes went kaput with it. The laptop bios could no longer detect the hard disk. I should have backed up my data but the laptop’s DVD/CD-RW had not been working right in a while and burning CD always ends up unsuccessful.

I can’t afford to buy a new LCD, hard disk and much more a new lap top. It is a relief that my friend gave his old (Pentium 1 with damaged LCD) laptop to my son and this is I will be using for a while in posting and in my writing my dissertation. The laptop is just too slow that I can only use it for typing, checking emails and browsing the internet. Graphics cause the laptop to freeze. The RAM and the hard disk are very small thus even posting here is painstakingly slow. Cutting and pasting of text takes so much memory that re-posting some of my posts to my other blogs becomes a chore.

This means I can’t blog too often as much as I want too (more limited as it is right now). Please help us to pray for a new computer. I am also hoping that the data on the hard disk can still be recovered. Any suggestions?


d. w. horstkoetter said...

I am so sorry about you losing that data. I've had similar circumstances, but not to the extent you did. Losing family pictures, dissertation and research notes? Damn.

As for recovering stuff from your hard drive, you may just be entirely out of luck. It gets expensive real quick, but don't give up until you've exhausted a lot of avenues.

You don't have an account to forward any money to you (although that may be bad to post on the internet for all to see)? I can't promise much. We students are poor.

JQ-Potter said...

Suggestion 1: Buy a used one on ebay--they are rather inexpensive.

Suggestion 2: Retrieving lost info is not that difficult for the professionals, but the previous post is correct, it may get expensive...however, not as expensive as buying an entirely new PC. Also, there are free/inexpensive storage hosting services out a search for 'Mozy'

Joey said...

Thanks. D.W. this comment have been an encouragement to me. I'm not losing hope though. I think I still have the chance to recover the data. I'm just hoping I can have enough money to buy enclosure or some other similar equipment.

No, I don't have any account that I you can forward any money to me right now. All I have is a local account and the charges is too high that I don't think it is practical to send any amount. I want to thank you for your desire to help.

Hi JQ,

I couldn't buy on ebay at all. I don't have a credit card or paypal account. My bank at present is not affiliated with paypal.

I checked here in Thailand, the fees for data recovery from a failed hard drive and it is indeed very expensive. it's like 80,000 baht (U$2,000). i can understand some companies would pay for that amount to recover their very important data. But for poor missionaries like me, I could not even consider it. Thanks JQ for the advice. I'm not losing hope yet, i will exhaust a lot of avenues.

Scott Lenger said...

It could very well be that the bios is damaged but the rest of the data is relatively intact. Not sure if you have tried this, but if you have access to a desktop a 2.5 to 3.5 ide converter may let you access what is on the disc by bypassing the bios. Also a usb enclosure will do the same thing depending on how well your current setup supports usb.

There are some other things to try. Feel free to contact me if you're still having issues.

Joey said...

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the tip. No the BIOS is not damaged. We plugged in another hard drive and it is recognized by the BIOS. I will definitely try the USB enclosure although it may not work, it will not hurt to try.