Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cool change

If you are a regular reader, perhaps you notice the change in the design of this blog. My son helped me in changing it (and I am impressed). The content has been changing a lot as well. My intent, at first, was to blog primarily about my personal theological reflections related to mission works. But as I find myself most of the time away from the computer, I thought I could not sustain it.

I actually created another blog about our family’s personal updates, stories and testimonies for our family and friends back home. However, the longer I do it the more I realized that it is pointless and cumbersome to run two blogs. I closed the other one a few months ago and decided to do the personal and family blogging also in here, which I have been doing a lot anyway lately.

It is also a joy to know that many of my “real” (as opposed to virtual) friends and co-workers are now finding their way here. A couple of my readers came to Thailand and I had the chance to meet them personally and in that case, virtual friends became real. I am praying that what you read here will be a blessing. I know we will have disagreements but I hope that it will be an opportunity to learn from one another, just leave your comments in the comment section and I will wrestle with the answers.


Ben Myers said...

Looks great Joey!

Joey said...

Thanks Ben!

Jayred said...

I love the new look. So clean and crisp. Your son is good ha.

Your blogs have been a tremendous blessing to me and to other readers. Keep up the good work! (Does this mean you won't be updating your WP blog anymore?)

P.S. Just feel free to respot your entries over at OO. Thanks!

Joey said...

Hi Jayred,

I will still update the WP blog but not as regular as I want it to be. I will just repost over there what I post here. I think it's cool to keep a WP blog.

Pagkatapos ng June, I think I can resume regular blogging.

God bless!