Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm moving

After giving it a good think ,I finally decided to move to Wordpress. I have been blogging there for quite sometime but I really do not have the time and energy to fully return to active posting. I already moved all of the posts there and gradually I will move all the contents of the sidebar there. All the theology blog links will be retained except for those who are no longer updating their blogs. The only setback here is that wordpress is not accepting javascript so I'll say goodbye to the sidebar widgets here.

I will be honored greatly if you will follow me there. I know, however, that at this point I already lost most of my regular readers so it doesn't matter anyway. I consider deleting this blog but I see that it is still receiving quite a number of visits and page views each day. I will leave this blog as it is and hope that some people would still find helpful materials. Here is the link to my wordpress blog. God bless to all!