Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MOST Training

I had a meeting with Jethro the other day. Both of us are ministering cross culturally here in Thailand. He is leading an NGO that focus on agriculture and community development.  He has an extensive experience training the church and the community about the importance of holistic ministry. He trained church and village leaders how to farm and hence help to support themselves.

My involvement with community development is very little. However, I have enough church leadership and theological education experience. Basically, these are kind of work I have been doing since we came to Thailand five years ago. It is true enough to say that God had used me in starting two Bible training centers. (Continuing to work though is a different story).

Between Jethro and I we have more than 10 years experience in doing training in our respective field in this region. We decided to work together. We will start a training center for church and community leaders. The training will be done within three months with 10-12 people. The projection is that we will have three (3-month) training a year. The venue will be the NGO's agricultural training site since they have dorms, training hall, kitchen and other facilities.

We formulate our goals, mission and vision. Along side this, we create a curriculum that we best think would meet the need of the people we addressed to train. The annual budget will cost U$6,000 a year.  Please help us to pray about this project.

Mae Sai Out of School Training (MOST) started from the vision of Christian workers ministering in Northern Thailand and Myanmar.  MOSt also stands for Mae Sai Outreach School of Theology. They see the needs of the churches and community in both sides of the border. The School is designed to meet these needs by training people who will become competent leaders in both the church and community. It is a joint program of Asia Rural Life Development Foundation (ARLDF) and Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary Education by Extension (PBTS-SEE).

To assist and facilitate church planting activities in a community where there is no existing church.

To train 10-12 church leaders from 5 churches and partners entity annually.
To enable the students to demonstrate and mentor other on what they learn.
To assist at least 10 churches in ministry development.

To train and equip God-called people to be Christ-like leaders in their church and community.

Under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit, we envision seeing Christ-like leaders in the church and community.

  • Knowing the Bible (Introduction to the Bible)
  • How to Understand the Bible (Interpretation)
  • Teach the Bible Through Story (Chronological Bible Storying)
  • How to Share the Gospel (Evangelism)
  • How to Disciple (Follow  Jesus Training)
  • How the Gospel Spread (Condensed World Mission Course)
  • How to pray (Devotion and prayer)
  • How to lead like Jesus (Leadership)
  • How to share the gospel (Evangelism)
  • How to preach (Homiletics)
  • How to plant a church (CPM)
  • How to be a true worshipper (Leading praise and worship)
  • How to do village farming (ARLDF)
  • How to do community development (Church and Community Development-CCD)
Any suggestions and help will be highly appreciated.

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