Thursday, September 08, 2011

You are beautiful

This is the another story written by my sister, Nori.  She had spent time with the children and they told her their stories. This is her reflections and it  is posted as it is.

Dina has complete parents and she is very proud of that. She also has 1 big brother, one younger brother, one big sister, 2 younger sisters, one of which is still baby. Her big brother (most likely in her early teens) is now being trained in the military. Dina and her younger brother escaped the possibility of being recruited for military training that is why both of them ended in children homes. Dina is here in Mae Sai while her Sam Soon is in “My Father’s House” in Tachilek.

If you will ask Dina, “when are you going home?” “My father comes to get me when in Christmas time. So, I just wait for him until he comes back.” Her eyes glistens as she says that. She has full hope that she is coming home very soon. All she has to do is wait for Christmastime. Her stay with the Dela Pazes is just temporary, it is not going to be forever. In fact she proudly says that her father is a saya and her mom is a sayarma (both of them are school teachers in Wa, Burma).

This is the reality of it all. These Dek-deks are here in the care of the Dela Pazes simply to escape the military training that is required of every child that turns 8 years old. This is why parents do everything in order to take their children out of their place–to help them escape their distressing predicament. Maybe, their parents have this hope in their hearts that one day, everything will be fine and they can get their children from their adoptive homes or shelter and they can be reunited to have a better life as a family.

Some of these parents cross the border and work as truck drivers and they bring their children and just drop them off at the gates of a shelter where they believe their children will be taken cared of. others work for some businesses and then bring their children to the (Day Care) and then leave them there for good. It seems heartless but actually, they count it as a better option. What they see within themselves are their limitations and things that they cannot do. They have dreams for their children–they do not want them to end up like their parents. They have high hopes or for some others– they have grown tired of handling much responsibilities but with limited capabilities…

i suddenly realized how much these Dek-dek’s parents are suffering and overcoming all sorts of sorrows in being separated from their kids just to see them enjoy a hopefully much better life than what they can offer. Most of us would think that being together and being there for your children are wonderful things to do–seeing them grow and watching them turn into a beautiful gal or handsome guy are most fulfilling. But for these parents , it is harder and much more complicated.

Dina is an exotic beauty. She is tall and slim. I can see a possible beauty queen or a fashion model, z teacher like her parents, a doctor, a nurse, or even a business woman. I know her parents can see other possibilities for her too. That’s why they can sacrifice being separated from her. It looks like they are giving her up but actually they wanted for her to gain more and to be exposed to a brighter and bigger world.

I believe God has a better dream for her. She needs to recognize that dream. She needs to start learning about the Great God who had made her and had given her big dreams and chances of fulfilling those dreams. Being here in this house where she is being nurtured in the Word of God, in prayer life, church work, and hosting missionaries in their home, contribute to Dina’s life and preparation for the future. How long will she be here? How much more sacrifices can her parents afford? No one knows… but for sure, she has a family and a home to call her own…

Let us pray for Dina and let us share in making all God’s implanted dream for her come true.