Saturday, February 11, 2012

God provides opportunity

I wrote this quick prayer update to my friends. We were amazed with the testimonies we received about the success of their children’s education to encourage us. We also received a couple of responses expressing desire to help us with our travel expenses. Our hearts are full of joy because God never fails to provide our needs may it be finances or encouragement. We thank the Lord for giving us wonderful friends. Thank you!
Here is the prayer update letter:
Greetings in Christ’s name. God is indeed our great provider and he provides not only for our material needs but also opportunities. One of our biggest concerns as parents is our children’s education. The international schools here although run by missionaries are way beyond our financial capability. We have the same struggle with their home schooling. Truth be told, unlike other missionaries, we are not receiving support specifically intended for our children’s education.
The Lord has answered our prayer regarding this concern. On the 8th of February, we received an email from the Philippine Embassy informing us that it will be adminitering the Alternative Learning System Accreditation and Equivalncy Test (ALSAE) in Bangkok. If they passed the test Jared and Jillian are considered high school graduate and Reuven, elementary. Hence, Jared can go to college in the Philippines and Jillian to a university here in Thailand. Reuven, can continue his home schooling and can go to public high school English Program here in Thailand.
Please help us in prayer:
Jared, Jillian and Reuven are a bit apprehensive. They have been out of school for six years and this is somehing out of their comfort zone.
Pray that God will give them confidence and wisdom (although they are out of school they are well read and well informed). Please pray that they will pass the test.
Pray for financial provision. We need extra money for travel expenses (bus and taxi), overnight stay, food and registration fees.
We believe that God answers the united prayers of his children. You are a huge encouragement to us. We are as we are in God’s harvest field because of God’s answer to your prayers. Thank you so much.

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