Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sam Rong: The boy who misses his brother


Sam Rong is Tilek's brother. When we first saw him in the English camp (people are now calling it DVBS) three years ago, he really looked like Tilek. We learned that Tilek and Sam Rong have another brother in another orphanage in Kengtung. Their parents died of a motorcycle accident in Chiang Rai three years ago. For some reasons, the three of them ended up seperated living in different orphanages in Mae Sai, Tachilek and Kengtung.

The owner of the orphanage (we'll just call her Sayarma) in Tachilek brought Sam Rong to Mae Sai because he was sick. She claimed that the doctor had seen him twice and he was treated for a common flu. However, he was not getting better at all. She told us that he was crying all the time and wanted to see his mother and brothers. Maybe, she thought, that his sickness was nothing but emotional and seeing his brother would make him feel better. So we met him to bring him home to see his brother. However, when we saw him, our hearts melted. His sickness did not look like a flu at all. He was very sick. He was literally skins and bones.

We brought him right away to our friend doctor. When he saw Sam Rong, he advised us to bring him to the hospital without delay, we could not afford to wait. It was a matter of life and death. At the hospital, he was diagnosed with chronic and severe case of TB. After several tests and x-ray, he was immediately confined in the isolation room. He stayed there for two weeks. We visited him every day and we lcame to know more about him and his family background. His parents were on their second or third marriages when he, Tilek and their brother were born. They have many step and half brothers/sisters. The brother and sister who visited him at the hospital were not related at all. The family background was so confusing that we think it was better not to talk about it anymore.

Anyway, after two weeks at the hospital he was released by the doctor but his medication continues. He seems to be recovering well until last week he was turning yellow. The medications was causing complications to his liver. He might have had hepatitis before and the medicines he was taking made his liver so weak. The doctor didn't know for sure.

Yesterday, Syarma came and told us that she would take Sam Rong to the village in the jungle (her word). She frankly told us that she did not have the capacity to take care of Sam Rong anymore. Whether she meant it financially or emotionally, we did not know for sure. But she had decided to do it without asking for our opinion. She knew we were strongly opposed to her plan. Bringing Sam Rong to the village was just like signing his death warrant. We do not want to ba part of it. We already helped him and we intend to help him all the way.

Sam Rong is now staying with us, in our home. We know his disease is contagious and we need to be extra careful so that the other children will not be infected. We will take care of him until he will be completely healed and he can decide if he wants to stay or go back to Tachilek. Please help us in prayer for Sam Rong's fast recovery and complete healing.

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