Monday, May 14, 2012

Driving in the rain and visa

Two days of drizzle that started with strong winds and heavy downpour seemed to be a fitting conclusion to the three weeks of English camps under a scorching heat of the sun.  The rain was cool and refreshing and we were hoping it would last a few more days. Unfortunately, it did not.  The oppressive sun returned with vengeance after two days.

Incidentally, we had been receiving email messages from the Foundation reminding us that it was about time for us to renew our one-year visa. The office was asking us to come to the office to sign the documents and prepare the fees for the visa processing. So we were fortunate that the English camps were finally over and to take the five-hour drive to Chiang Mai in the rain. I really enjoyed driving leisurely in the rain.

In Chiang Mai, we went straight to the Foundation office. I needed to get the medical certificate that included blood testing. Every foreigner working in Thailand need to have their blood tested to prove that they do not have sexually transmitted diseases. This did not make any sense to me but I had to comply. Blood was drawn and we waited for two hours to get the result.  As expectedly, I did not have any diseases except that my blood pressure is a little bit high than normal.

I also took the opportunity  to spend the time out with Narlin and my natural children. We watched a movie and ate at McDonalds away from the “noisy” children. Having the time alone for ourselves were really precious. We drove back to Mae Sai in the evening. Unfortunately, the rain had stopped and the heat and humidity were back.

We thank the Lord for the safe travel. We also thank the him for his provision for our visa. Thank you for your prayers and support.

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