Saturday, July 20, 2013

Village ministry

Children of KoknoiA friend called Narlin on the phone and asked if we could drive them to Ban Koknoi to bring a mother to see her daughter. Koknoi is a village on the mountain that we used to go to do ministry. We taught English and brought YWAM team to minister with the children over there.

The story goes like this: Our friend’s friend came into an agreement to have a “symbiotic” relationship with the village school. The school needed more students to get the government support and our friend needed a place for the children. The children had lived there for over three years and consequently the school acquired new buildings and facilities because of the additional students.

For some reason, however, this year the children were moved to another town and are now living in another children’s home in that place. Apparently, our friend’s friend made similar agreement with this village school again. Regardless of the idea behind all of this, I think the move was good for the children.

We are going to Koknoi to see the girl who decided to stay. I think everybody was upset with that decision so her mother will go to convince her to return home or to go with the rest of the children. We were excited to go to Koknoi because we had been there and we have friends in the village. Unfortunately, the trip was cancelled because of the mother got sick. We hope to make the trip some time.

Friends in KoknoiI tell you this story to let you know that in the past years, God had given us opportunities to visit and minister to the hard to reach villages around Chiang Rai. We hope to do more of this in the future. We had been to two villages this year and the village school teachers had invited us to do English camp in the school

This is why we are thankful to God for our giving us the “miracle” truck. We can go places to share God’s love to the villagers.



Prayer Concerns

Please pray for the children in Koknoi and other villages around Chiang Rai that God will use more Christian workers so that they learn about the Word of God and that they will have good education so that they can  have better future.

We thought we could make the trip to Koknoi last Saturday. But as you already know, the truck’s tires are dangerously bald already. We could not make the trip with the bad tires. We borrowed money from the Microfinance Cooperative of Grace Church so we can change the tires. Please pray for God’s provisions. We need THB 25,000 (roughly USD 800) to pay for the loan we made for the tires.

We hope to do more village ministry in the future in partnership with NCWSA. Please pray that God will send people to help us to teach English and share God’s love in Shan State this coming summer.

It’s exam week for Reuven. Thankfully, his exam schedule does not conflict with our scheduled trip to Chiang Mai. Please that he will do well in the test.

We will be traveling to Chiang Mai today (16 July 2013) to appear at the immigration office for our extension of our visa. It has been raining heavily today and the roads to Chiang Mai are winding and slippery. Thankfully we already have the new tires. Please pray for safe travel.

Please pray that our visa will be extended without any problem. The Foundation and I had worked together so that every documentation is properly done.

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Reminiscences of my mother Dorothy:
Recording made 13 October 1999 and revised 20 April 2000

However, I always remember that a while away from us there were two mountains that looked just like tables with tablecloths on. They were high and next to them was a very tall pointed mountain, the Koknoi peak, with a pagoda on it, which you could see from where we lived. You could see the gold flashing in the sun, and the pass, between the high mountain and one of the tablecloth mountains was called the Koknoi Pass. This was the highest point in the southern Shan states, nearly 7000 feet. I remember my father taking me, when he had to hear one or two cases near the Koknoi Pass. We came up to the pagoda and I walked up with him onto the pagoda platform. And I shall never forget it, I was a little girl of ten then, and you could see below us the mountain falling away into jungle and then in the distance we could see the Salween river. The Salween River is a mighty river, well over 1000 miles long and it rises in Tibet. It is unnavigable. You could see the Salween River flowing below and beyond that were more mountains, and beyond them even more mountains piling up and my father said, “Those mountains quite a bit beyond the Salween River are China. That is China”. I have never forgotten it. I was thrilled. I thought of all those millions of people in China, quite unaware that I was looking at them, looking at their mountains rather. It was so beautiful. I’ve never forgotten it, old though I am now.