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In 2004, we (Joey and Narlin) went to Laos and Thailand for a short trip mission exposure. One of the places we visited was Mae Sai and the moment we laid our feet in this land, the Lord spoke to us clearly that this is where He has called us to be a missionary. After two years of training and preparation, we went back to Mae Sai with our three children.
We are now in our sixth year of ministry in Mae Sai. We encountered a lot of difficulties along the way because of limited resources. But then God showed to us that this limitation is not a hindrance for His servants to commit themselves to the work of the kingdom.
God continualy provide for our needs and we are blessed with ministries that fit our trainings and gifts.

Mission Statement

To make Christ known among the unreached people groups along the border of Thailand and Myanmar by proclamation of the gospel, equipping leaders and doing social ministries.

Vision Statement

We envision that we become a shining example of God’s servants who are reaching the the unreached people in the Mekong Region and empowering them to win and disciple their own people to saving grace of our Lord Christ.

Ministry Involvements

In our four years of staying in Mae Sai, God has given us several ministry opportunities.

Church Ministry

It was God’s doing that on the first day we came to Mae Sai, the Pastor of Grace Church (a Burmese church) and his wife welcome us and it has been our home church up to the present. The English worship was cancelled this year. We took it as the Lord’s way of saying to us that we need to move on.
Recently, the Lord impresses upon us to help a small and struggling Thai church. We are helping the church in evangelizing the young people in the community through English teaching. We also started the international worship that meet regularly once a month with other Filipinos here in Mae Sai.

Children Ministry/Church Planting

We passed the leadership of the children’s daycare ministry with the young woman Narlin mentored. We are serving as adviser and support team for this ministry. A group of migrant workers worship at the center every Sunday.
We mentor a young man who finish a Bible school degree and he will come to work with us in doing evangelism and church planting ministry among the migrant workers in Mae Sai this year.

Theological Education and Training

We organize leadership and discipleship training/seminars each year. We are now working in partnerships with an agricultural NGO in starting a training program for community and church leaders from Myanmar and Thailand.

Summer English Camps/Volunteer Teaching

We organize summer English/Music camps every year. The camps are well attended and it is a good way of evangelizing and discipling older children and young people during summer when they are not in school. We also do volunteer teaching in the Municipal school.

Adoptive Family (Orphanage)

Our home is a shelter for 9 children who are either orphaned or abandoned. God uses our family to provide them a loving and caring home.

Prayer Concerns

We testify to the truthfulness of Samuel Zwemer’s statement that “[The] history of missions is the history of answered prayer.” We are thankful for our family and friends who are constantly praying for us and also for being part of God’s answers to prayers.
  • Praise and thanksgiving for God’s provisions for the family and the ministry.
  • Praise and thanksgiving for the opportunity of partnering with local church and other missionaries in Mae Sai.
  • Pray for the Indochina Missions Training Center. This is God’s answer to our prayers of using our gifts and skills in training more community and church leaders from Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and more.
  • Pray for our church ministry. We still consider Grace Church as our home church, but we are also helping a Thai church by evangelizing the young people in the community through English teaching.
  • Pray for our “adoptive family ministry. Pray for the 9 children who are under our care that God will provide finances for their daily needs and education.
  • Pray for our own children’s physical, social and spiritual growth. Jared is going to college, Jillian will soon finish her high school too. Reuven will soon start his high school. Help us pray for financial provision.
  • Pray for our health. Narlin has been struggling with ulcer and allergy for a while. Joey is suffering from premature rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Pray for God’s provision for our annual house rent payment.
  • Pray for financial provision for our one-year visa extension this year.
  • Pray that God will provide us a ministry vehicle. A vehicle that we can use going up to the villages on the mountain.

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