Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The book has arrived!

Three hours ago, the postman dropped something at our front door. Jared shouted excitedly, Tatay! (Father) your book has arrived. It is indeed a very beautiful book. It's Hermann Haring, Hans Kung Break Through: The Work and the Legacy. I haven't own a book for some time. Thanks a lot to Richard of Sub Ratione Dei. A glimpse at the table of contents shows me some articles about Buddhism. This is perfect! I'll be expecting more books in the future from a friend. What a joyful day it must be!


Richard said...

I'm glad the book arrived safely, hope you enjoy it.

God bless

One of Freedom said...

I'm drawn to Kung as well. I've only read dribs and drabs, do post your thoughts as you go along.

Joey said...

Hi Richard,

I'll surely will enjoy it. For the meantime, I still have to finish a borrowed book, since this book is mine it can wait, the borrowed book couldn't. :-) Thanks again.

Hi Frank,

I will post some of his great ideas and also some thought provoking thoughts.

Joey said...

ahh... er.. thought provoking ideas...:-)...whatever.