Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Karl Barth on motive for missions

The motive for missions is the concern for telling others that God has shown the grace to all. Take the example of St. Paul. He had to witness for he saw a world of people who had not heard the "good news." The church knows that God does not fail to show His grace. The church must proclaim... A true missionary can never believe that those who refuse the Gospel can really refuse. He does not know on what ground the seed falls. Only then can a missionary be really free. He is only an ambassador, not the king.

John D. Godsey,
Karl Barth's Table Talk, p. 40.

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John said...

Wittingly or unwittlingly Christian missionaries have since, the "conversion" of Constantine, been agents of the deadly western imperial misadventure and it s drive to total power and control.

With very rare exception they have always been bringing there inherently godless egos and all the uninspected cultural conditioning of the culture they grew up in to their victims---yes victims!

See for instance these references re what western "culture" is really all about.

1. www.dabase.net/proofch5.htm#idol
2. www.dabase.net/coop+tol.htm
3. www.dabase.net/2armP1.htm#ch2
4. www.aboutadidam.org

This last reference "explains" how western man has been caught in the deadly materialist trap which reached big time during and after the Renaissance and the so called "enlightenment" period.
Real God and the possibility of Divine Life was essentially eliminated from the cultural landscape of the west and via colonialism etc the rest of the world.
Nietzsche's famous "god is dead" statement was exactly true.