Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What a joyful day!

This is a joyful day for me. The books from a good friend have arrived at this very moment and I could not hold back my self from posting about it. Now I feel like a child who has been given a lot of toys and Iam so excited that I don’t know which toy I would start playing with. I'm expecting 4 books but I receive 5. I'm doing my best not to divulge the giver of the gifts because you might harass and compel him to give you books as well (just kidding). Friends are gift from God, I feel so blessed today…Million of thanks!

J. Moltmann, Experiences in Theology (Hardbound)
J. Moltmann, Science and Wisdom
G. Muller-Fahrenholz, The Kingdom and the Power: The Theology of Jürgen Moltmann
R. Bauckham, God Will Be All in All: The Eschatology of Jürgen Moltmann
G. Guttierez, The Making of Modern Theology.


One of Freedom said...

Tres cool! I was just reading the Experience of Theology a few days ago. My latest paper is very much an exploration of Moltmann's theology in dialogue with evangelical grace. Fun stuff. Enjoy your booty, them's mighty fine books you got there!


Richard said...

There are some great titles in there. I have a couple of them but the Guttierez one intriques me a lot, you'll have to let me know how you find it.

Sonnie said...

Do share your thoughts with us after you have read some...

Joey said...

Hi Frank,

Thanks, the books give me motivation for me to write a paper on Moltmann. I believe it is providential that a friend knows what I need here without even telling him about it. And he actually give them to me for free. The books are beautiful, the smell of the ink and the paper excite me and the happiness of reading the words and ideas inspires me.


The Guttierrez' book is actually a compilation of his essential writings edited by James B. Nikoloff (i guess i have to edit my post). The book indeed looks intriguing and challenging. But I still have to finish the Kung book.:-) So much to read... so little time.


I'll surely share some thoughts here.

Joey said...


since the package contains catalog from, i assume you can get the book from there.

Jayred said...

It always feels great to receive packages, especially those coming from good friends.

I also have these giddy feelings every time I get new book acquisitions -- either bought or received as gifts.

Happy reading. And thanks for visiting my blog.

Joey said...

Hi Jayred,

You should ask how i found your blog. I'll tell you.. i subscribed to a newsletter from Web Evangelism Bulletin and I think in one of their issues your blog was recommended so I took a look and it is indeed a blessing.


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