Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy days!

A long week of rain makes you long for the sun. However, when the sun stays out longer than usual, the humidity causes a lot of discomforts. This makes everyone feels moody and irritable. This was evident when my wife and I went picking up the children for the school and daycare. Most of them were in a bad mood and didn’t want to go. Today the clouds are heavier and I thought it is nice if it rained.

Rain or not… happy days are here. The books from T&T Clark came the other day as a response to Ben’s friendly appeal. Six good books and they look pretty slick as well. The good people from T&T have done a good job. They also give me the opportunity to personally select the books from their website. According to Ben, one box of books is still on its way and it may arrive here sometime next week. The other book sellers made the selection of what they think are the best books for me and the suspense is killing me.

Ben and I are surprised by the response from the different publishers. Because of Ben’s post and James’ help, I have been in touch with Theological Book Network and they are looking for ways to ship the books for the training center.

I want to thank personally all the publishers who generously donate the books. Also, I also thank my blogger friends who contributed money to purchase additional theological books. Ben will post the updated list of books at his blog, because honestly I don’t have any idea yet what are those books.

Maraming salamat po! (Filipino), Kahpkon Khrap! (Thai) and Jesu tin bade! (Burmese), Thanks!

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