Tuesday, August 07, 2007

New job!

I had a long day. The humidity was unbearable. After raining almost everyday last week, the sun shone with vengeance today. The sky was still bright although it was already seven o’clock. It was midnight but the heat still lingered in my skin. I wished that the house have air-conditioning. On a positive note, this heaviness in the air made me anticipate that in the morning, I will wake up with freshness of the falling rain.

I have a new job. It is a tiring job; I don’t exactly find it objectionable actually at times I find myself enjoying it. However, I guess the work is out of my specialization. Circumstance tells that it’s my job, every one is looking at me and saying you are the man; I even think that God himself calls me to do this. Servicing the day care, the nursery, the primary school, the church worship, home cell programs, hostel ministries and the timely donation of a Nissan Urvan, makes me the official bus driver. It is a full time job. I have to wake up early and bring the children and teachers to the school and take them home again in the afternoon. On the other hand, I love to be with the children and being around them is fun! Children as always are the most profound theologians.

It brings to my memory a quote from Moltmann in his paper, Child and Childhood as Metaphors of Hope: “In children God is waiting for us to take in God. How often have you encountered God in the life of a child through a gaze or embrace, or through the simple, yet profound words he or she utters?"

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