Thursday, August 09, 2007

Theology from above, theology from below

Theology from above is the use of Scripture in doing theology. Theologizing starts from the text of the Bible. Theology from below is a manner of doing theology by using specific agenda and looking at the Scriptures for some Bible texts to address the issue.

The use of both theology--from above and from below--is the best option in approaching the present challenge in doing theology. Theology from above focus on God and his purpose, plans and ways of making humanity know his will. The Scripture stands as the basis of studying all the activities of God and is the only source of information about him. It is also the only basis for Christian faith and practice.

Theology from below, on the other hand, is the recognition of human needs. It is making the Scripture relevant and in so doing, we expound the Scriptures in a way that it appropriately meet those special needs. Inevitably, theologians will be selective in their choice of the Biblical passages, they will focus on passages that he think people in particular context and culture will be able to understand.

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