Friday, March 13, 2009

Unity is possible through humility

Have you ever bought something that was an imitation—it looked like the real thing but lacked the quality of the original? Chances are the imitations wore out or broke before too long. There is nothing like the real thing, whether it be a cherished painting, a treasured piece of jewelry, or a precious relationship. Nothing quite meets our expectations except the real thing. But there are times in life when we are supposed to try to imitate someone—times when we want to model ourselves after an ideal or a role model. We don’t expect to be as good or perfect as the ’original,’ but it is in our best interests to try. Why? Because we have a perfect model for all we do in Jesus Christ!

Philippians 2:5-11 is one of the greatest passages ever written about Jesus Christ. It paints the perfect picture of humility—the humility of Jesus Christ. No one has ever come close to humbling himself like Jesus Christ did, and no one ever will. Yet, if the problems of the church and of the world are to ever be solved, we must humble ourselves just as Christ did. The church is too often divided. The only answer is the declaration of this passage: letting the humility of Jesus Christ flow in and out of our minds. The unity of a church depends upon every Christian walking in the humility of Jesus Christ.

Monday, March 09, 2009

I am missing the van so bad

For the first time in almost four months, I missed my 25-year-old-hands-down Nissan Urvan. The van broke down last year in October and is still in the shop. Holding on for its dear life. The mechanic advised us to change it with a new second-hand engine but Narlin and I are having second thought. We think it’s not worth it. The van’s body has dent, its bronze paint is scratched and cracked, the seats upholstery are are duct taped, the ceiling is falling, the aircon is not working and the steering is not powered. However, it is the only vehicle we have and we love it.

This morning nobody picked up the children going to the church. A co-worker usually does that for us, but not this morning. In the first place, we should not be depending on somebody to bring us to church. So I have to make three trips to the church bringing the children on the motorcycle. Not that I’m complaining, in fact, sometimes I enjoy the ride. But rainy season is fast approaching and I could not do this anymore when the time comes. We need the van so badly.

The van is also being used transporting church members to the church. It is also the church’s school bus. And though I end up as the driver, I am happy that I can help the church and its school in my own small way.

So please help us pray for a new van. Some people learn about this need and express their intention to help. The children home, the church, the Bible school, the Day Care and other ministries need it.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

They finished the course

After six months of intensive training, we had our graduation last Thursday. Eight students were able to finish the course. Within the time that we were together, we come to know them better, their strengths and weaknesses, their great potentials. We do pray for them all the time that after the co7 copies-b.jpgurse their knowledge about the ministry from which God called them would increase by leaps and bounds.

I am hoping that I was able to teach them some practical skills. I didn't do Bible study with them, I taught them how to study and teach the Bible. I didn't interpret the Bible for them but I taught them how to interpret the Bible I didn't teach them theology but I taught them how to do theology. My prayer is that when they are on their own working in the field, they would learn to think for themselves. Other teachers are worried that their students would not be able stand the false teachings that they will encounter, but I am confident that my students know how to defend the fundamentals of their faith, not because of the information I have given to them, but because they had develop the skills to discern what is false and the skills to refute them. These skills with the guidance of the Holy Spirit (who are the real teacher anyway) are the assets they can use in the proclamation of the gospel of the Kingdom in wherever place God called them to be.